Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record a video?

Use the camera-video toggle button just left of the record button lets you switch between image and video mode. When you flip it to the right you will be in video record mode and can shoot video by pressing the record button.

How do I save my Generates?

Press the red button in the middle. Depending on if you are in video or image mode, you will see a screen popup asking you to save, share or cancel the recording. Press Save and find the Generate in your Photos folder. If you are having trouble saving, make sure to enable Generate in your Privacy Settings. Generate needs access to your Photos and Camera in order to save imagery.

How do I apply a filter in Generate?

After opening Generate you will see a number of filter selections below the camera view, swipe through and click on the filters to see them applied to your camera. 

What does the slider do?

Once you have selected a filter, you will see a slider appear directly above. This allows you customize the filter. The slider effects each filter in different ways and you can use the slider  to live mix and change the effect while you are recording video.

How do I layer two filters?

One of Generate's most interesting features is the ability to layer two filters together. Once you have selected your first filter, you can add a second by pressing the lock next to the slider and choosing another filter from the carousel below. 

Can I layer more than two filters?

Generate only allows you to layer two filters at a time. But many artists enjoy regenerating their artwork, by saving their Generate and reopening it to apply more filters. Using this method, Generate produces exceptionally creative and unique results. 

How do I unlock the filters?

If you want to start your Generate again, just click the Clear Filters button at the very beginning of the Filter Carousel and you will see the original image again.

Can I layer images from my Photos?

The Dissolve and Mask filters allow you to layer images from your photo library on top of your camera. You will see a square image icon above each of these filters to the left of the slider. Click it and open your Photos to choose one or two images to layer on top. From there, try experimenting with the slider to see how your images mix with the camera.

Can I change filters while recording video?

Yes. Once you are in video record mode, you can mix and match filters live. Press record and continue to edit while you capture.

How can I make a music video?

Press the audio button on the lower right hand side. The audio tray will open below. Switch the audio-reactive toggle on. This means filters will respond to sound or music. Select the music library button on the left to open your songs. After selecting a song you will see the audio wave open below. Press play and choose the start point for recording. 

How do I edit an image or video from my Photos?

Select the images icon in the bottom left corner. This will open your photos and videos folder. Choose an image to edit and it will open up automatically within Generate.


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