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Filters without limits

Realize your vision with custom effect combinations. Use our editing tools to take presets to new heights.

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Layer a glitch over a hue. Amp up your stills with animation. Capture multi-clip video and adjust your effects in real time. Generate gives you pure creative freedom.


Lay claim to your photo effect combos and save them for next time. Establish your signature style, and then change it. After all, the blends are endless.


Send your filter mods out into the world. Become the monarch of mashups. The sovereign of style. Generate lets you share your saved combos with who you want, when you want. No caps, no boundaries.


Sebastian Stam

How to explore new filter combinations with presets and dice button.

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Refraction presented by Generate

Refraction is a festival and ongoing project celebrating electronic music, visual art & internet culture produced and curated by Generate. The first years festival happened in the summer of 2020. Thank you to all of our artists, musicians and partners who contributed to the first edition. To watch all of the archived performances, you can view them here or special features with our partners at ContactCrackFACTMUTEKPublic Access and Worldwide FM.

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image Filter Generate

Two ways to create

Generate Free

Basic Features

Try Generate

→ Over 50 original filters
Presets to take your images from Prism to Pointillism

→ Video from a still
Make a photo a motion picture

→ Live audio
Catch what’s happening around you, or bring in music from iTunes

→ Audio reactivity
Make your images and video dance to the beat

→ Live control
Control all effects in real time, even when live streaming

→ Combine filters
Layer your presets to create new aesthetics

→ Single-clip videos
Shoot what you want, when you want, from beginning to end

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Generate Pro



→ Over 100 new filters
We’re redefining presets: dive into everything from LUT color replacement to real-time animation

→ Style transfer effects
Infuse an image with another image’s soul

→ Build filter combos
Take your presets from hundreds to infinity: layer filters and effects and save them as new combinations

→ Unlimited effect sharing
Send your saved filter combinations out into the world—as many times as you like

→ Multi-clip videos
Cut together your creations from various shots, pause and restart recordings

→ Reverse and slo-mo
Drop it slow and back it up in real time

→ Choose your tunes
Select audio from Spotify, iTunes, or your own library

→ Shoot how you like
Capture video in 1:1, 4:3, or 16:9—or flip things horizontal

→ Redesign is a beautiful thing
Our powerful new user interface makes you the creator